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Small Business Lessons On Going it Alone From Star Trek Voyager

Small Business Lessons On Going it Alone From Star Trek Voyager

Thousands of light years from home. No back-up. Limited resources. Scary bad guys with superior weapons.

Is this the plot of Star Trek: Voyager, or a day in your small business?

Both! I’m light years from my old corporate life. I don’t have the bench strength of hundreds or even thousands of colleagues, and limited resources would be a step up from my current supply. Bad guys? Visit my gallery of…

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The Future Is Now: 3D Printers For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

The Future Is Now: 3D Printers For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

You may have heard of 3D printers—they’ve been all over the news. But you may not know that they represent real opportunity for small business owners. While 3D printers have been around since the 1980s in manufacturing (they were more commonly known as industrial robots), the big change came just a few years ago, when affordable models for hobbyists hit the market. Savvy small business owners…

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Cross Over Appeal

Jaime Gamboa founded TU CIUDAD, a magazine that celebrates Latino culture in Los Angeles. With eleven years of experience in the publishing industry, he decided to start his own magazine. He financed the company with his own money and with the help of Emmis Publishing, the number one city regional publishing company in the nation. The magazine, which is written in English, highlights…

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Forget Self-Esteem, Succeed In Your Business With Self-Compassion (With Self-Quiz)

Forget Self-Esteem, Succeed In Your Business With Self-Compassion (With Self-Quiz)

Here’s a scenario. You have a friend. Every time your friend makes a mistake, you point it out to her: “I can’t believe you did that again! What a moron!” Then if she wants to try something new, you say to her, “Well, not sure you’ll really make it. Remember you failed the last hundred times you tried something new.” How long would you let this friend stick around? Yet, how often do we say these…

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99 Websites That Every Professional Needs

99 Websites That Every Professional Needs

With an endless number of sites, tools, and resources out there, how do you know what’s worth your time? Well, we know just how busy you are, so we did the legwork for you and found 99 websites that’ll add value to your life and your career, guaranteed.

From productivity advice to places to go when you need a distraction, these sites will change the way you do things, inspire you, and, well,…

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Let The Customer Be Your Guide

Let The Customer Be Your Guide

Janice Brown initially began her corporate career as part of a large law firm. She decided she wanted to work in a less competitive atmosphere that promoted a collaborative effort to achieve common objectives, so she started her own law firm, BROWN LAW GROUP. The company consists of trial lawyers whose focus is preventative law. They work with larger companies to try to spot problems before they…

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8 Leading Macro Trends For 2015 And Beyond

8 Leading Macro Trends For 2015 And Beyond

The following Kjaer Global Trend Snapshots 2015+ are a selection of carefully crafted inspirational narratives. We explored how the interlinked macro trends presented over the last year will inform the short to mid-term future for organisations and people.

1. SELF-TRACKING: Real-Time Health + Human-Centric

8 Trends That Will Be Happening In 2015 And Beyond 1 - (Making It TV)Smart living drives a better future, where business and people collaborate for mutual…

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Q&A: What Are the Variable and Fixed Costs in a Restaurant Operation?

Q&A: What Are the Variable and Fixed Costs in a Restaurant Operation?


What are the variable and fixed costs in a restaurant operation?


While business, hospitality and academic studies have debunked the long-held myth of a nearly 90 percent failure rate for restaurants, the actual figure of one in four new restaurants failing in the first year of operation still points to the importance of careful budgeting and financial planning for restaurant…

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99 Ideas To Get More Clients Right Now!

99 Ideas To Get More Clients Right Now!

Business owners, professional and entrepreneurs are often wondering what can I do to get more clients now. Well here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Do at least 25 of these.

1. Give your service away.
2. Give your services away to three clients who can get you all the clients you need.
3. Lead a workshop for your current clients and don’t charge them for it.
4. Lead a workshop for your…

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